• It is not aloud to use the beds without bed linen
  • It is not aloud to keep pets in the lodge. Violaton of the rule will be charged for a minimum of 1500 NOK extra
  • Smoking is not aloud. Violaton of the rule will be charged for a minimum of 1500 NOK extra
  • Quiet time for the night is at 11 pm until 07 am
  • Parties is not aloud in the lodge
  • If something gets broken, please contact us as soon as possible


 To find us, navigate to Hodlekvevegen 304, Sogndal, Click on this link to navigate with Google maps: 

Contact information

To get in touch with us, we prefer that you use bookingsite chat or whatsapp.

Mlodge Whatsapp: +47 48 00 15 00

Mlodge phonenumber: +47 90 99 69 99

Information about the lodge apartment


We offer free WiFi: Mlodge 
Password: Freewifi


Turn on TV with red powerbutton on the Samsung remote control

Push Home button on the white remote control
To watch TV channels, choose the Riks TV app, select TV and choose tv channel
To watch streaming apps, choose the desired streaming app
(if TV has no picture, push source button on the Samsung remote control and choose hdmi Mlodge apartment)

Fire safety

The apartment is equipped with fire alarm in the living room. Fire extinguisher is located in the bedroom. There is also a cooker guard that will power off the hob if overheating or fire.

Cooker guard

In case of too much heat or steam, the cooker guard can stop powersupply to the hob, press the button on the cooker guard located on the wall above the hob to reset, and then turn the cooktop back on.

Light / heat

Lights can be dimmed in the living room, kitchen and bathroom. For dimming the light in the living room, push and hold the light button at the entrance door. For dimming kitchen light, push and hold the white button above the kitchen sink. To adjust dimming in the bathroom, turn the button.

All rooms have floor heating. A thermostat on the wall shows air temperature in the room, press the up or down arrow several times to adjust the floor heating. If not responding, press the powerbutton and then adjust with the arrows.

Combination oven, stove/microwaveoven

The combination oven offer both ordinary stove and microwaveoven. If using microwave put in the glasstray and be sure that there is no bakingtray in the stove.

To use ordinary stove:

  • Push power button
  • choose Heating functions, and push play button
  • choose True fan cooking or desired program with the arrow buttons, confirm with play button
  • choose degrees with the arrow buttons, and push the play button to start.

To use microwave:

  • Push power button
  • Push microwave button, adjust with arrow buttons and start with play button


Tablets for use in the dishwasher can be found in the cabinet underneath the sink. If the dishwasher do not wash, there is a small handle on the kitchen tap that may be closed. Re-open it to get water flowing to the dishwasher.

Car charging

We offer car charging from Easee quickcharger at the corner of the building. To activate charger, please contact staff.


Garbage can be placed in the big blue container at the lower parkingarea in the skisenter.

Sofa Bed

The sofa can be folded out to a double bed. Remove the cushions, pull the orange fabric handle and fold out the bed.

High chair / travel cot

Highchair and travel cot are available. They are normally located beside or under the double bed in the bedroom.

Campfire pan

A campfire pan is located in the outdoor area. Normally, there wood available next to the cabin.


Last check-out time is at 12 o clock.At check-out, bed linen should be taken off the duvet, pillow and mattress and loaded on the floor in the bathroom together with used towels.

Please put on the dishwasher if dirty plates, glasses and cutlery. Rubbish from the kitchen and bathroom is delivered in container at the lower parking in the ski resort upon departure.

Make sure the front door is closed properly so that it auto-locks before leaving.

Things to do

For activities, restaurants and other things to do in the area, check out this site: https://info.sognefjord.no/sogndal-fjord-village

Closest grocery store you will find in Sogndal city, 12 minute drive from the lodge. Some of them is open until 11 pm.

Closest cafe/restaurant is at Dalalåven in the ski resort. 8 minutes walk from the lodge. Open until 5 pm.

In case of emergency

Fire extinguisher is located in the bedroom.

Emergency number

Fire +47 110
Police +47 112
Ambulance +47 113
Doctor office +47 116117