Welcome to mlodge



    • It is not aloud to use the beds without bed linen


    • It is not aloud to keep pets in the lodge. Violaton of the rule will be charged for a minimum of 1500 NOK extra


    • Smoking is not aloud. Violaton of the rule will be charged for a minimum of 1500 NOK extra


    • Quiet time for the night is at 11 pm until 07 am


    • Parties is not aloud in the lodge


    • If something gets broken, please contact us as soon as possible


 To find us, navigate to Hodlekvevegen 304, Sogndal, Click on this link to navigate with Google maps: 

Contact information

To get in touch with us, we prefer that you use bookingsite chat or whatsapp.

Mlodge Whatsapp: +47 48 00 15 00

Mlodge phonenumber: +47 90 99 69 99

Information about the lodge


We offer free WiFi: Mlodge 
Password: Freewifi

TV/streaming/Nintendo Wii U

We have 2 TVs in the cabin.  Ein Frame-Tv in the livingroom and a TV in the play room.  The TV on the 2nd floor has many TV channels and also streaming services. When the Frame-TV is turned off, it displays images. It automatically turns off after a while when there is no movement in the room. The TV in the play room has streaming apps and also a Nintendo Wii U connected. Wii U is connected with hdmi cable.

Sonos soundsystem

The cabin has installed Sonos sound system with speakers in livingroom, diningroom, bathrooms and play room.  Sonos is controlled by mobile app. Use the iPhone that is placed in the wireless charger in the window at diningroom.

Click the Sonos app located on the front of the phone. There you can choose radio channels, playlists or search music via Spotify.

You can choose which zone it should be played at, and group all speakers in one zone also.


Shuffleboard is located in the play room. Important: The stones must not be used on the shuffleboard until shuffle sand is strewn on the wooden board. The stones should only be pushed, not trown. Read the shuffleboard rules located at the shuffle table.


We have many boardgames and puzzle games for the whole family, these you can find in the drawer / cupboard section to the right in the kitchen.

Fire safety

The cabin is equipped with many firesensors. Fire extinguisher are located in the closet in master bedroom. There is also a cooking guard that will disconnect the hob in case of heat / smoke development.

Cooking guard

Should the cooking guard be activated, the hob will stop working. In this case, a button must be pressed on the cooking guard that is mounted in the drawer under the hob.


The fireplace is not for use during summertime.



    • Never leave the fireplace when in use

    • Never light the fireplace until the fireplace ventilator is turned on

    • Only use birch wood in the fireplace because other wood make too much sparkle on the floor.

    • If you can’t control the fireplace fan, you can restart the touch panel by pressing the power button on top of the panel.

    • Avoid walking quickly past the fireplace when in use, as the air pressure causes smoke to spill out into the room.

Lighting the fireplace:

Place 4-6  birch wood in tower 2 and 2.  Use a firestarter briquette between the top of the tower.

Press vent on the touch panel for the fireplace fan to start or use the xzense app.

IMPORTANT: You should clearly hear the fan starting, do restart the touch panel by pressing the power button on the top of the screen if the fan is not starting and try again. Do not start a fire before the ventilation has started.

When the fan has started, adjust it to 80%  so that the wood will catch fire. If the wood has caught fire, the fan can be set to 25%-20%. Never use fan lower than 20% to prevent smoke from spilling out into the room.

You can control manually by increasing the percentage effect on the touch panel when adding more wood. Recommend putting one more wood before existing wood is about to burn out, so you avoid that it will be just make smoke and not catch fire properly.

Make sure that the wood is moved into the center, so that it burns and does not only make smoke on the side of the fireplace.

Remember to turn off ventilation after the fire has died out by pressing the startbutton beside the precent info in the display.


Light switch with a round button can be dimmed by turning the button. Light switch for the light over the kitchen counter and light in the glass cabinet in the kitchen is operated with white light switches above the coffee machine, hold in switch for dimming.

All rooms have floor heating system, a thermostat on the wall shows the air temperature in the room, press the arrow up or down several times to adjust the floor heating.  If that doesn’t work, press the button with the power symbol first before to activate and then adjust with arrows.

Coffee machine

Turn on the machine with Power button
on the bottom left in the front of the machine. Select the desired coffee type and press start / stop when the cup is placed correctly. For coffee types that use milk, first place the milk straw in a jug of milk or a milk carton. If you want a stronger or milder coffee, choose this with the coffeebean button. If you want a larger or smaller cup choose this with the ml-button.

If necessary, add water in water container on the left side of the machine and coffee beans on top of the machine. At full drainage cage, pull out the runoff cage drawer by pulling the cupholder plate.

Note: When using milk frother, cleaning program must be used afterwards, select menu, cleaning and care, press ok, rinse milk system and follow instructions


Waste bags can be placed in large waste containers at the lower parking lot of the ski resort.

Highchair/travel cot

Highchairs and travel cot are available, normally located in the storage room.


A fire pit is located in the outdoor area by the terrace, this can be used. Normally there is firewood available in the outdoor area.


Spa on terrace can be rented for kr 1000,- contact us if you want to rent it.

Instruction for spa controlpanel you will find here:


Last check-out time is at 12 o clock.At check-out, bed linen should be taken off the duvet, pillow and mattress and loaded on the floor in the bathroom together with used towels.

Please put on the dishwasher if dirty plates, glasses and cutlery. Rubbish from the kitchen and bathroom is delivered in container at the lower parking in the ski resort upon departure.

Make sure the front door is closed properly so that it auto-locks before leaving.

Things to do

For activities, restaurants and other things to do in the area, check out this site: https://info.sognefjord.no/sogndal-fjord-village

Closest grocery store you will find in Sogndal city, 12 minute drive from the lodge. Some of them is open until 11 pm.

Closest cafe/restaurant is at Dalalåven in the ski resort. 8 minutes walk from the lodge. Open until 5 pm.

In case of emergency

Fire extinguisher are located in the closet in master bedroom.

Emergency number
Fire +47 110
Police +47 112
Ambulance +47 113
Doctor office +47 116117